Introduction to Insanity

This week’s Shared Topic from Blog Azeroth has been a tough one for me to answer, but I want to do it justice. Therefore, I am going to put it off for a bit and hopefully get to it this weekend. In the mean time, I am going to take this down moment to write about the future of this blog as I see it today. I started this blog only a few weeks ago, as you can tell by looking at my archives. Listening to a few of the podcasts about Warcraft and gaming in general put a little spark in me to try and become involved with the vibrant community of writers, podcasters, and players. Most of what I would say is not particularly unique or different; my opinions are pretty similar to the normal trends. Instead of just rehashing old ground, I want to do something a little different. As such, this blog is going to have a regular column (hopefully it will be weekly) where I talk about what I am doing in the game.

Now you might say something about how many individuals have blogs where they broadcast their daily activities in game… that’s not unique. And you are correct, that is not unique. However, I am going to focus on a particular aspect of my play. I am going to keep a weekly tab on the progress that my main, Aliera, makes toward getting The Insane.

Some long while ago, I found out about this feat of strength and was both curious about my chances at getting it and utterly frightened by the possible damage it could do to my sleep schedule. I love grinding reps and farming for materials for hours, I really do. Something about the easy, mindless repetition is very relaxing to me. I can be out farming for hours, filling my bags with thousands of ore, while my mind floats just along the surface, pondering my day and preparing for the next.

Anyway, in early July I decided to actually start. I had read up on the endeavor using the fantastic webpage put together by Cogsworth of Ysera-US. That guide has everything you could possibly want to know about doing this achievement. The way it guide has the reputations laid out, Bloodsail is first. This caused me to wait for a long time because I knew that once I had quickly destroyed my reputation with the goblins, it would take a long commitment to return to neutral status and be able to travel through goblin towns again.

In the evening of July 5th, I finally stepped off into the deep end… and I will be talking about the start of my journey and have a complete post that will bring my story up to date a week from Saturday (that would be October 2nd).

I hope that my trials and tribulations will spark some reflections by other players who have attempted (and maybe even achieved) the results that I seek. I also hope that I can use this weekly column as a tool to push myself forward when my tenacity wanes.

Regardless, here’s to insanity.

~ by Aliera on September 21, 2010.

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