The Brink of Insanity

In a previous post I started telling my story about chasing Insane in the Membrane. It seems that I should have started long ago, as a relatively recent post by Bashiok indicates that the feat of strength will be broken come Cataclysm. The thread Bashiok posted in has subsequently reached the reply cap with people voicing their concern and anxiety. I will certainly be sorely disappointed if this is simple removed from the game without much of a backward glance.

I recognize that Blizzard has rather a lot of work ahead to get Cataclysm successfully released. Zarhym has chimed in telling us to relax and that more information to make the situation clear will be coming this next week. I certainly hope that the dev team can find a way to make it work despite the massive changes that are planned for the new reputation factions.

I would like to encourage them to seriously consider one of the ideas that was posted in that original thread. Someone very cleverly suggested that the feat be modified so that it takes a combination of 8 factions out of, say, twelve factions. Several new ones could be added that would be difficult for level 85 players to grind out, requiring bizarre materials, lots of time, etc. People that completed it prior to 4.0.3a would retain it since they have the original 8 required factions. However, those of us that are waist deep in it wouldn’t lose everything. Some of our work would still carry over and be of use to complete the feat.

If that doesn’t work out, perhaps a new feat could be added to replace Insane. It would be a similar sort of deal, requiring ridiculous efforts by an individual involving hard to grind reputations etc. Perhaps it could give the title “the Crazed” or “the Deranged”.

There may be only a few of us nuts enough to try for something like Insane, but we really enjoy our grinding. Here’s to hoping that Blizzard can find a way to keep us happily grinding for the next couple years.

~ by Aliera on October 28, 2010.

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