A Tale From Hallow’s End

So I have decided to skip over this weeks Shared Topic in favor of telling a little story (I might come back to the topic of my ‘home sweet home’ in Warcraft on some rainy day in the future).

This past week was Halloween in Azeroth, as you are all likely aware. I have enjoyed killing the Headless Horseman each day on all four of my 80’s (two of which were lucky enough to snag the mount). I had a blast running around the world gathering up goodies. I even went through the work of getting the meta on my Mage alt just for giggles.

What I will remember most about this Hallow’s End, however, is a little experiment I decided to perform.

My Death Knight alt has been roaming the old world as part of my quest to screenshot the nooks and crannies of all the original zones before they get struck by Deathwing and changed forever. For the past few days he was chilling in Elwynn Forest, waiting for me to scrounge out some time to finish of the Eastern Kingdoms before dashing over to Kalimdor. Anyway, I was waiting around when I saw the Horseman’s emote about burning down the village.

So I decided it would be an excellent idea to go help. At Goldshire. (P.S., my Death Knight is a Troll.)

When I got over there, a handful of Alliance characters were throwing pails around trying to put out their buildings. I wandered over to the trough and grabbed a bucket and gleefully started to help. And got killed by a Warrior.

Ok, I thought, they probably just thought I was there to ruin their evening. I’ll run back and show them how helpful I can be.

Several corpse runs later, they had failed to put out the flames but had succeeded in killing me quite a bit. I couldn’t quite understand why they had been so adamant about killing me. Each time I resurrected, I immediately picked up a bucket, walked over to a building, and threw the bucket on the flames. I took no action against any players (although I had to kill a few town guards a couple times). I know very well that those players that killed me saw my efforts to help them and deliberately chose to kill me.

I waited around until the event started again. This time, more Alliance showed up. I once again attempted to offer my aid. I was again relentlessly killed. Fast forward a half an hour to the next incident of flames. This time a whole city’s worth of Alliance have turned out to help. I still get killed after maybe a bucket or two of helping.

Now, I should be fair. Most of those players later on didn’t do a thing. After I resurrected once and made no motion of being hostile, the majority of them moved off to throw water. I happily helped. At least until those one or two individuals took it upon themselves to ‘save’ their Alliance comrades from the big bad Hordie.

The entire incident left me feeling rather uneasy about my fellow players. What could possibly motivate a person to kill someone who, although your enemy, acts as your friend? Now, I chose a PvP server intentionally when I started playing. I wanted the option of killing and being killed out in the world. However, there is a distinct difference in my mind between good world PvP and bad world PvP. This situation struck me as altogether the wrong time to be a strict factionist.

In the end, I pose this as a thought: what would you do as the Alliance players in my story? Would you kill me or let me help you?

~ by Aliera on November 2, 2010.

One Response to “A Tale From Hallow’s End”

  1. Let you help and then once the Headless Horseman was vanquished, I would wait and see what you did next. I’d make my decision to attack/leave you alone based on that.

    I’m not all together keen on high level Horde/Alliance running around the opposing faction’s low level zones but completing the objective of saving Goldshire/Brill etc would always come first unless said Horde/Alliance was making that impossible to do without killing them first.

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