Insanity Reborn

We finally received an update concerning Insane in the Membrane in the last day or so. Lylirra has informed us of Blizzard’s decision to keep the Feat of Strength in the game by removing the Shen’dralar reputation requirement.

I find myself somewhat split by this decision. On the one side, I was right there with everyone on the forums crying out to save the FoS. The time I have put into this project should count for something. On the other side, the comments responding to this announcement carried the same vitriol in the opposite direction. They say the FoS has been trivialized, all the work put in by those that have the title was for nothing, and so on.

The vocal players of video games never cease to amaze me. No matter what changes a developer may or may not implement, decisions will always be hated. If Insane had been removed, those halfway in would be upset and riot. Keeping it in with alterations, those that have it riot at the gradual easing of requirements.

I am pleased in a way that I can finish what I started and add the Insane to my long list of titles. I can understand and in part agree with those that feel this change oversimplifies the FoS. In the end, I agree most with those who are upset that some middle ground solution was not found. (Add something new to replace it, keep Shen’dralar tucked away in Dire Maul somewhere, etc. etc.)

This is the part where I get upset. Shame on you Blizzard for taking the easy way out. I expected better than that. When I heard that there was a problem with Insane, naturally I wanted it to stay. However, what I was really needing from the developers was a thoughtful and firm response to the issue. Instead, I got only intermittent information and finally a seemingly knee-jerk response. ‘This thing is broken so just hack it apart so it works again and move on.’ Where is the deft hand that crafted the most popular MMO on the planet?

Now I understand that you all are under the gun down in sunny California. You are busy finishing up Cataclysm launch details. So why, then, would you not come back to the playerbase and say, “Yes, there is a problem. We are fundamentally altering the world and so the FoS is busted. We recognize that we said it would be staying around and so it will be. However, in the interests of launching Cataclysm successfully, we are going to let it break for now and will take some time to find an equitable solution so the FoS can be reimplemented during the first major raid patch that will be coming down the pipe in the summer of ‘11. We recognize that we are asking you to be patient but you wouldn’t be working on this FoS if you weren’t.”

Essentially, this is a thanks but no thanks note to Blizzard. I appreciate that you have fixed the Feat so that I can earn it over the next months. I do not appreciate feeling like an afterthought in the design process.

~ by Aliera on November 11, 2010.

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