Cataclysm: Gut Check

Blog Azeroth – Shared Topic for the week of December 6th, 2010
Shared Topic Idea: Initial Thoughts: Cataclysm

What are your initial thoughts about the Cataclysm expansion?

It’s a topic you can take anywhere you’d like. What’s your favourite new zone? What do you think of the instances? Any screenshots you’d like to share? Anything you’re excited to get started on? Whatever might come to mind regarding the main question

– Jaedia

One week. The rules changed, the world opened up, the masses poured in. Spells were cast, creatures died, and the lucky few made Server Firsts. (Grats to the guild Exorsus for their World First.)

While those people raced for the finish, some of us took the tortoise approach. They savored every new vista, read each quest to keep the story clear and fresh in their minds, and took the long way around just to visit new places.

And then there is me. This past week was filled with everything but Cataclysm it seemed. School work had to get done, Assassin’s Creed was beckoning, and most of my weekend was spent with a certain someone. Finally, Sunday afternoon I carved out some time and upgraded to Cataclysm.

Holy crap, what was I waiting for. In the few hours I put in, I zoomed into Vashj’ir and grabbed a level-up. Now, the last time this happened for Aliera was about a year and a half ago. Granted, I’m not a stranger to the level-up flash; I have 4 80’s, a couple 60’s and a smattering of wee alts. But it’s so nice to feel the ambition to play my main again.

The last few months have been rough for Warcraft in my life, especially in regard to Aliera. In the summer I was plugging away at Insane. When school began, I almost entirely stopped playing. In those moments I did pop into Azeroth, it was mostly to hit up a holiday or heal on my up-and-coming Shaman. Aliera was left to her own devices. Even when the Shattering hit, I started my Troll Druid instead of exploring with my Warlock.

But now, the fire is blazing again. I want to dig in and consume the new Azeroth and get myself hooked into this tier of PUG raiding. I want to level my professions, gather materials, do dailies. I want to play again.

Tremble, Deathwing: Aliera is back.

(Postscript – I have now played a little more since I wrote this initial bit, and want to add a touch to it, but leave my gut reaction intact.

Upon second consideration, I am much more excited than I thought I was to begin with. I grabbed up Archaeology and zoomed around with that for a while. Impressions of that: excellent. My real-life profession involves surveying, which I enjoy, and having a mini-game that in part resembles that is quite exciting. I would tweak the way it works a little, but maybe I’ll talk about that some other time. Anyway, the upshot is that I love the way it works, I love the lore it delivers (albeit only little nibbles at a time), and look forward to working on it in the future.

Beyond that, still leveling as I can with Aliera. Bumped up to 82 just a bit ago and want to keep going, but must not as I have important affairs to conduct in the morning (which has already come and gone when you read this, no doubt). I just want to emphasize how much this expansion has brought my attention back to World of Warcraft.

GG, Blizz. You get to keep taking my money.)

~ by Aliera on December 14, 2010.

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