Winter Feast

Blog Azeroth – Shared Topic for the week of December 27th, 2010
Shared Topic Idea: Winter Feast

This is a season of sharing with family and spending quiet, restful hours sitting round the fire. I would imagine the same is true for our characters in Azeroth. Tell a story, likely from your avatar’s perspective, about their holiday festivities. This could include a feast, gift giving with family or friends, quiet times in relaxation, or whatever you think would fit with your character.

– Violet Scribe

I finally waded into the land of topic suggestion this week. My entry for my own topic is below, but it’s a long one. You might want to grab a cup of cocoa before starting.

~ ~ ~

“Alright, let me see. What remains undone?” Aliera ponders to herself a moment. Her eyes circle the room. The chamber is decked in garlands and candles. A great blaze is merrily popping in the hearth. In the corner stands a massive fir covered in glistening crystal ornaments. The long table is set with a feast fit for a king.

“Candles,” Aliera mumbles to herself. Hundreds of them line the room, but only a few are lit, just enough to light the room. “I had better get to those…”

There is a loud clang from the door. Aliera looks up and strides across the room. Pulling the lock pin, she heaves open the solid oak door. Standing in the doorway is a tall figure clad in great plates of metal.

“Well don’ jus’ stand there, Aliera. You gonna let me in or would ya prefer I leave ya be?”

“Of course not, Kieron. Please come in.”

The troll slouches down to enter and unclasps his snow-covered cloak. “It be good to be outta da cold. How ya been, Aliera?”

She pushes the door shut and contains a shiver. “I have been well, if a bit busy. I just returned from the desert wastes south of Tanaris. You would not believe the wonders that were hidden down there. Strange cat-men, towering pyramids, even a floating castle.”

“I betta be getting down dere soon den. Don wanna be missin out on all da fun.”

Another bang echoes from the front door.

“Make yourself at home, Kieron. I’ve got some Rumsey Black Label in the decanter on the wall there. I know it’s your favorite.”

The troll nods his approval and moves across the room. Aliera steps to the door and swings it wide. An even larger shadow stands in the softly falling snow.

“Greetings to you, Lady Aliera. It has been too long.”

A cloud of fog swirls around the tauren as he speaks his greeting.

“Indeed it has, Tlatokke. Indeed it…” The fog twists and separates. “And how nice of you to join us as well, Linict.”

The shadows coalesce into the form of a leather-bound skeleton. “Mmmlllaaaghhh Aaaghhllaaagghhhh,” the undead croaks with a bow.

The two shuffle in and take seats by the fire. Aliera returns to the table and grabs up a candle. She begins to move around the room, lighting more flames.


“I am never going to get these bloody things lit,” Aliera murmurs to herself. Peering out once more, four forms darken the gravel walkway. “Have you made a change of vocation, Paladin? It seems you have a pet like our dear Maichen.”

Maichen smiles and pats Howler, her wolf pup. Gorynel straightens and throws back his cloak to reveal his glistening silver armor.

“He has not, Aliera, as you be well knowin’.” The lioness standing next to the Paladin pads forward and suddenly shifts into the upright form of a troll woman with a shock of orange hair.

Aliera smiles at the troll. “I just love giving you grief, Kouzina. No permanent harm, I hope?”

Kouzina smiles and shakes her head. Aliera motions them all in. Just as the door is about to shut, a shocking crack echoes in the copse of trees off the path. Aliera pauses to catch a breath before turning again to see the newcomers. Three hooded forms emerge onto the path and approach the door.

The first, and most diminutive, steps right up to Aliera and throws back his hood. “Pleased to meetcha!” he squeaks, extending his hand.

Aliera returns his interested gaze and takes his hand. “A pleasure to finally meet you. Timeismoney, is it?”

“Yes, my given name is Timeismoney, but feel free to call me Tim. Much shorter, more efficient. Because, well you know, time is…” The goblin trails off with a devilish grin and slides past Aliera, making a beeline for the sweets tray.

“A delight to meet you at last, milady.”

Aliera shakes her head as an entire handful of chocolates disappear into a robe sleeve. Turning to address the new voice…

“I do not believe we have been introduced yet. I am the Lady Aliera and welcome to my home.”

The tall blood elf bows and extends a gauntleted fist. “I am Auvry. No fancy titles for me yet. Still in training with the Spellbreakers.”

“I’m sure it will not be long before songs tell the tales of your bravery.” Aliera smiles and admits the warrior. She turns once more. “So you picked up our stragglers. How thoughtful.”

The final hooded figure stands silently for a moment. Her ornately embroidered robes flutter in the breeze. The cowl pulled low over her head exposes only a sharp chin and fine mouth. The mouth flashes a deadly smile.

“I know how impatient you get, Lady. And I didn’t want to have to rebuild your kitchen again. Last time I was late, you destroyed it.”

“I was set upon by a band of thieves and you know it,” Aliera returns indignantly. “It was entirely out of my control. I had to destroy the kitchen in order to defend the rest of my home.”

The hooded figure laughs. “Yes, but if I had been here, they all would have been vaporized without the paint so much as getting smudged.”

Aliera smiles. “Even you, the great Sethra Lavode, are not so talented.”

Sethra flashes another smile and lowers her hood. The two women embrace and reenter the house arm in arm.

“I could use your particular talents with the candles, Sethra. With all these interruptions…” A glance toward the hearth reveals a raucous scene of storytelling and laughter.

“You were always better with shadows, oh sister mine.” With a flick of the wrist, Sethra conjures a tiny flame orb and sends it skipping around the room. Before long, all the candles are happily flickering and the room is aglow with warmth.

The chairs and benches scrape across the wood floor as the party gathers at the table. Aliera looks up and down the rows of faces, pausing on each one.

“Thank you all for coming. It has been a long year since we gathered to feast and share in stories and companionship. There are several new faces to complement the old.” A gold glint shines from the goblin’s green mouth. Auvry nods and smiles at the group. “This time is for relaxation and renewal. So enjoy, everyone, and don’t skimp on anything. I have plenty more wine in the cellar.”

~ by Aliera on December 28, 2010.

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