Insane History

Way back in October I started hinting at my story about chasing Insane in the Membrane. I am now going to tell my tale as it has been for the past half a year, and give my feelings on where this process will be going in the future.

So, way back last summer, I finally decided to plunge into the chase and started killing goblins. Booty Bay is the first place (or one of the first places) that people working on the Feat of Strength head. The guards of the city provide reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers while reducing reputation with, surprise, the goblin factions of the Steamwheedle Cartel. The good news is that this part of the process is relatively fast and painless, especially if you have some friends.

I lucked out. Many people work on this reputation to get Bloodsail Admiral. The night I started was no exception and, after a few hours of clunking away by myself, I was soon joined by a group of other individuals. Booty Bay ran red with blood. Four hours later, I was Bloodsail Admiral and the goblins wanted me dead.

So I felt like I needed to make it up to them. Knot Thimblejack, a lone goblin trapped in the ogre-infested ruins of Dire Maul, became my best friend. When I started running Dire Maul, I kept careful track each run so that I could look back and tabulate some results.

Between July 13th and November 13th (that would be 4 months for those of you counting at home) I ran Dire Maul a grand total of (a few more than) 164 times. (I missed a few runs at the beginning where I was so excited to start that I forgot to write down the runs.)

164+ runs. That is a lot of Dire Maul. Each run consisted of stepping in, killing 1-5 guards, hopefully freeing Knot, and grabbing up a vial of Ogre Tannin. The Ogre Tannin was part of a turn-in quest with Knot that also gave some reputation.

Anyway, based on the records I have, of those 164 runs I freed Knot 104 times. That comes out to a 63% success rate for the quest. I also turned in the Gordok Ogre Suit 53 times for some additional reputation. While running Dire Maul I saw 14 librams drop for use with the Shen’dralar (which is only about one-sixth the number I would have needed). I also saw about 3 Pristine Black Diamonds drop, not nearly the 80-something I would have needed.

Unfortunately, this data is a bit skewed temporally. While my records start in July and end in November, I was only seriously working on this project during July through September. October and November were largely empty of runs. The reason behind that is twofold: firstly, I was extremely busy with classes and just was not playing as much as during the summer; secondly, the posts coming down from Blizzard indicated that the entire thing might be scrapped. As a result, I all but stopped working on it so as not to waste time doing something useless when there were plenty of other things that I wanted to do.

And now, Cataclysm is here and the Feat has been changed. I still have hope of completing the nerfed version, and will be getting back round to it sooner or later (likely later). Cataclysm has pulled my attention away from the arcane and back to the mainstream. I am having an absolute blast leveling new characters, gearing up my main, and zooming around the new world. Once I have had my fill of the new, I will return to the old and, at length, become Insane.

~ by Aliera on January 7, 2011.

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