Dog Show

Blog Azeroth – Shared Topic for the week of March 14th, 2011
Shared Topic Idea: Favorite Profession

What is your favorite profession and why?

– Amaranth

For such a short and sweet topic, it sure has been hard for me to decide which profession I prefer over all others. I’m going to do this like a dog show and give best of breeds before finally awarding best in show. (P.S. Watching the big dog show is part of my Thanksgiving ritual, you should make it a part of yours.)

Alright, so we have alchemy, blacksmithing, enchanting, engineering, inscription, jewelcrafting, leatherworking, and tailoring. I can easily eliminate engineering and blacksmithing right off the top (even though in real life I am studying to become an engineer). Although both of those professions have some interesting things in them, they just never grabbed my attention. Leatherworking similarly has always been a drag for me, so that one is out.

Jewelcrafting and tailoring appeal to the fashion designer in me, but I hold a bit of a grudge against jewelcrafting in particular about the number of patterns available and the number of dailies I still have to do in order to catch ‘em all. They both reach out and touch the infinite.

That leaves my top three of alchemy, enchanting, and inscription. I enjoy the thought of tearing through old weapons and armor, pulling out the useful magical bits, and etching new armor with mystic runes to give the items additional power. However, a similar idea is behind inscription. In that case, it isn’t about armor, its just about the runes themselves, which appeals to me even more. I absolutely adore the idea of sitting in a darkened room, mixing inks and scrawling on scraps of parchment, searching for the right mix and shapes that will imbue a rune with power. Alchemy appeals to the mad-scientist in me, the little kid that wants to mix together all sorts of strange things and see what happens on the other side. It’s a close call, but I have to give it to my first true love, inscription.

This category contains herbalism, mining, and skinning, and is a very easy category for me. Herbalism all the way baby. Mining is fine and I do enjoy the thought of digging around on mountainsides looking for ore and jewels, but staying out in the plains and woodlands to find exotic plants and harvest blossoms and petals… awesome. Skinning is a distant third; never really interested me in game or out.

Oh the secondary professions. Archaeology, cooking, first aid, and fishing. Each of these holds its own particular charm for me, although first aid is easily dismissed due to lack of depth. (I would be interested in a reworking of first aid that could involve some more options beyond cloth + time = crappy bandages.) Cooking has been a big part of my life since heading off to college and starting to fend for myself. I love baking (and have bananas ready to turn into bread as we speak) and the in-game version has been enjoyable. On the other hand, I remember going out to the lake when I was a little boy and hitting the water with my dad, fishing rod in hand. Some parts of the process were beyond me at the time (I always had to take a walk as dad cleaned the fish we caught), but I enjoyed the quiet time on the water, watching the bobber. In game, I have found fishing to be a relaxing (and rather profitable) past time that regularly grabs hold of me and takes away my angst.

But these pale in comparison to the mighty archaeology. I just wrote about how I would change archaeology, but even in its first iteration, I love it. You want to know why? Because I get to be Indiana Jones, that’s why. I get to fly around a wild world, battle foes to get to the goods, and then flee for my life. Granted, in the low level areas, I let my pet take care of any nearby enemies, but still. So cool!

Best in Show
Ok, please bring out the winners of best in category! We have inscription, herbalism, and archaeology. Who will get the blue ribbon?! This is so intense.

In third place… Herbalism. I love gathering flowers, but it just doesn’t measure up. In second place… Archaeology. This is second by just a hair, and might even tip over into favorite if some changes are made to the profession. Better luck in next year’s show, archaeology. Best in show goes to…

Inscription. This was the first profession I ever picked up and, with all my knowledge of the game now, I made the right decision back then.

~ by Aliera on March 15, 2011.

3 Responses to “Dog Show”

  1. I love baking (and have bananas ready to turn into bread as we speak) and the in-game version has been enjoyable

    What you mean is I have bananas I forgot about and now don’t look good enough to eat. I guess I’ll make some banana bread! Gee, I wonder how I’d know that? Not that I need to make a couple loaves of banana bread myself or anything!

    I appreciate you summary of all professions before revealing your final answer. Thanks!

    • I actually head to the grocery store and look around for the most over-ripe bananas I can find so I can immediately make bread instead of having to get green ones and wait a week. 😀

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