Favorite Race

Blog Azeroth – Shared Topic for the week of March 28th, 2011
Shared Topic Idea: Favorite Race

Forgive me if this has been done before, perhaps if it has been done so long ago we may still see some new interesting takes on this?

“What is your favourite race in wow?”

– PVE Rogues

This one is going to be a shorty. I am getting in the unfortunate habit of writing these up really late at night (read: wee hours of the morning) when I should be sleeping…

Ok, favorite race. I have never touched foot on Alliance territory, so I don’t know those races whatsoever, but instinct (and repeated killings) tell me that I would probably like the Draenei the most from the Alliance. They at least look respectable and interesting whereas the Humans are bland and brick-like, the Dwarves and Gnomes are vertically challenged, and the Night Elves are pretentious bastards. The Worgen might be interesting, but something in me just doesn’t want to roll out a werewolf (maybe it is my vampiric nature… *wink*).

For the Horde (!), which I have been far more in tune with, I really enjoy the Blood Elves for their appearance and storyline. I have 10 characters (one of each class) in the works and of those, 4 are Blood Elves. They also had the distinct advantage of the best starting zone when I entered the game, so they took a high priority over the other races. Just for thoroughness, and to fill this column out a bit this week, my next favorite is probably Troll for the awesome aesthetic and characterization of the race in the game (reggae, mon). They are also my most popular race with two entries. Each of the other races gets only one character for me. My Orc is probably my least favorite despite the deep development of the Orcs throughout Warcraft. Somehow I am not drawn to the big green (or brown) brutes. I do enjoy my Tauren and Goblin characters, but they get relatively little of my attention. The Forsaken definitely speak to me, but my other spots were already lined up, so too bad…

Alright, enough rambling for this week. Next week will hopefully be a little more entertaining and thorough… so stay tuned!

~ by Aliera on March 29, 2011.

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