Ding! 23

A week ago Thursday, while sitting through a horrendously boring talk about loan repayment, my phone buzzed in my pocket. I stopped listening and smiled. My phone’s alarm had just gone off, marking the moment in time (according to my cell provider) when I turned 23. One more year of life down, another year’s worth of experiences, a few more achievements (game and RL) unlocked.

Kouzina the Druid turns 23.It occurred to me that my characters also have ‘birthdays’ of sorts when each level dings off. Fortunately for me, I had my Druid sitting conveniently at 22 and so I finished up a couple things and, blammo, there was the lovely number 23 in front of me. Now, much as I have enjoyed the time I have spent with Kouzina, she is not my main. Remembering back over two years ago, I recall zooming along with my Warlock through Hillsbrad, slaying farmers and stomping Syndicate. Somewhere in there, I’m sure, level 23 hit me. At the time it didn’t seem like a whole lot, and I didn’t capture any images of it.

A scenic view of Ashenvale in the dead of night.This time around, I did get a few captures. Those images are dotting the landscape of this post: the level up screen for Kouzina, a lovely (I think) shot of the area where it happened for her, and a more playful image of Kouzina resting after all her hard work. Although I don’t have any images of Aliera hitting 23 all those months ago, I do have an image of her attaining level 85. It makes me wonder… what is my life going to be like when I ding 85?

Kouzina takes a quick cat nap after turning 23.62 years is a long time. By then I will likely be retired from my career (although I could be into my fourth by then, who knows), I will probably have grown children, with children of their own impending. The world will look a different place too I would wager. Will World of Warcraft still exist? By then the level cap would be something on the order of 225-250. Imagine the iLevel requirements to get into Heroics then…

Aliera turns 85 in Uldum.Maybe Warcraft will move to some sort of virtual interactive environment where players act in a holographic world that is projected around them. Imagine raiding and arenas where you can actually see the scale of the world as it is projected around you, and you must physically move to avoid attacks and magics. Physical skill would become just as important as knowledge of game mechanics and encounters. Warcraft would be a workout!

Well, enough of my musings… for now. I will be moving up to two slots each week (barring my own busy-ness, etc.), Tuesday and Friday. See you there!


~ by Aliera on April 1, 2011.

One Response to “Ding! 23”

  1. Gratz on the RL ding! I’d love WoW to become some kind of Star Tre-like holo room experience. Been hoping technology will go that way for ages. We’ll see what happens!

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