Home Sweet Home

Joystiq.com Breakfast Topic: Where in Azeroth would you make your imaginary home?

No matter your preference, your options for where to place your imaginary home in an imaginary world are quite numerous. Do you enjoy big city life? Why not settle down in Strormwind (only occasionally attacked by dragons), Ironforge (a bit damp), or Darnassus (recycling is mandatory)? How about Undercity (frequent mold problems), Orgrimmar (terrible traffic at rush hour), or Thunder Bluff (not good for acrophobics)? You can even make your home in Shattrath or Dalaran.

Maybe you’d prefer the country experience? You might find a farmhouse in Westfall (beware of twisters), a quiet outpost in the Grizzly Hills (if you’re a lumberjack), or perhaps the remnants of a cottage in one of the Plaguelands (be sure to get your vaccines updated). If small town living is your style, you may enjoy Lakeshire (now with 25% less lake), Auberdine (currently under renovation), or Crossroads (Chuck Norris’ summer getaway). Fan of the beach? Head to Ratchet, Booty Bay, Sen’jin Village, or Theramore. Perhaps something more arid? Plant your feet in Cenarion Hold, Gadgetzan, or Ramkahen. If you want to hit the slopes, try Gnomeregan, K3, or Everlook. The choices are nearly endless!

If you could move to one of Azeroth’s many cities and towns, where would you go?
– Marc Hobbs

I saw this little Breakfast Topic a week ago and decided I wanted to work it into my rotation. After travelling about Azeroth (and Outland) for the last couple hours, I think I have made my selections. I am going to give one location for each continent in Azeroth, one for Outland as a whole, and one honorable mention from Azeroth. All of my locations would require original construction and I have stayed well away from most major cities.

Eastern Kingdoms
Quiet spot for a lake home in TirisfalI spent most of my first leveling experience running around the Eastern Kingdoms and have always had a special connection to that side of the world. While flying around, I was reminded of many good times questing and exploring. I was, however, not particularly drawn to any one place. Finally, I discovered a (I believe relatively new) spot up in the mountains northwest of Tirisfal. A nice, although rainy, lake and forest scene, just calling out for a little log cabin with a wisp of smoke from the chimney.

Expansive view over the Southern BarrensKalimdor, in contrast to the Eastern Kingdoms, has always been a bit foreign for me. I have spent my fair share of time there, but always feel a bit out of place. However, there are some lovely landscapes to pull inspiration from. This particular spot is straddling the mountains between the Barrens and Mulgore. To the one side, the devastation and beauty of the scar across the Barrens can be clearly seen. On the other, a clear day reveals the mesa-tops of Thunder Bluff. Plenty of wilderness, but still within sight of civilization.

Fjords of the Fjord perfect for a teetering homeIn stark contrast to the ‘old world’, Northrend is one big caricature. Each zone takes the element that it features and ramps up the volume to eleven. Of the nine zones, this was an easy selection for me. I enjoy each zone in its own way, but the towering channels of Howling Fjord are special. To make the caricature complete, imagine a teetering house that seems ready to slide off its precarious perch and plunge into the icy waters below. Awesome.

Floating rock just aching for a houseMy heart, though, lies in Outland. Ever since I went out there and discovered the floating rocks and the stark and broken scenes, I was hooked. Long before I started writing I knew that if I were to put a house somewhere in Warcraft, it would be here, in Nagrand, on one of the floating landmasses (preferably this one here with the tree). Just think: no noisy neighbors to bother you, unimaginable views in all directions, and the house gently rocks as you fall asleep each night.

Honorable Mention
A lovely winter home in the mountains near IronforgeI did come across one more potential spot in my wanderings, one that reminds me more of home. If all the warm-climate wore on me and I needed a break, I would be happy to have a small cabin nestled into the side of the mountain near Ironforge, looking down over the snowy foothills (although I’m going to have to do something about those pesky Alliance that are always hanging around…).


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  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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