Guild Ownership

Blog Azeroth – Shared Topic for the week of April 18th, 2011
Shared Topic Idea: Who Owns a Guild?

Since Cata started Guilds, matter more. In order to receive Guild benefits. everyone most work for them. In Wotlk, Leaving a Guild meant, changing Guild Tags, in Cata means TIME. Does a Guild belong to those who lead it? Should we check Guild Etiquette?

– Nube

I have only been involved with two guilds over the course of my WoW career. The one is a personal guild for bank space. That guild does not have much to say about it. It is merely extra storage capacity for all my various crafting-empire needs.

The other guild is a coalition of a few of my real life friends, about five or six of us total. We are slowly making progress on guild leveling, but we do not raid together, we do not even dungeon together. It is a bank, a few guild perks, and a dedicated friends chat channel.

So, I do not have an insider’s view on the goings-on of a full grown raiding or pvp guild. In our small guild I happen to be guild leader, but the guild is evenly “owned” by all and I just keep things cursorily organized.

As the number of people in a guild grows into the tens and hundreds, the overhead to manage that guild rises. Guild leader becomes the head of a team of lieutenants that each take smaller chunks of responsibility and deal with the nitty gritty. The guild starts to look more like some military corps than a group of like-minded gamers.

But does that mean that those at the top have more “owndership” of the guild than the grunt raiders at the bottom? I suggest it does not. The guild leadership should be in place to ensure the stability of the group, but those individuals should (hopefully) view their role as a service.

A good guild leader or lieutenant should approach their responsibilities as a donation to the community. They are merely a steward of their guild. Such a position should not entitle them to special treatment or favors. If a guild disbands, the bank should be liquidated and the gold split evenly (at least in a perfect world).

Each guild is unique, but each guild is the sum of what each individual brings to the table. Everyone (should) get a fair and even shake in their guild. I would never join a guild where I was going to be treated as someone else’s lackey or servant. Nobody deserves to be treated that way, especially in a game where we can all be heroes and heroines. WoW is about exploring a fantastic setting in which anybody can succeed and have fun along the way, about learning and growing, not about putting people down or setting up barriers between groups. WoW is for everyone equally, and your guild (in fact, every guild) should reflect that equality.

Slash inspirational.

But seriously, now with all the guild perks and advancement going on, everyone has a hand in the progress of the guild. Some will give more experience to the guild each week from daily’s and raids, but that should not mean that they somehow have more ownership over the guild than someone who just logs on a few times a week to run a few quests with friends and maybe a dungeon or two on their lowbie alt. Guilds should be seen as a community, not just a bank tab or two and some additional riding speed.

~ by Aliera on April 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “Guild Ownership”

  1. Im really sorry for replaying your post so mmm late. Real Life happens.

    I do really enjoy your take on Guilds, the Guild im currently on began as a friends Guild, but at some point It grew a lot. I really share most of your views on how should a Guild work, I just find that sometimes not everyone shares those points, and as my Guild grew bigger and different people really gave a lot of time and effort to the Guild it started changing into something different, at some points better and on others it just changed.

    I really think Guilds are made by everyone in it. Guilds should always be seen as a community, Indeed.

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