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Blog Azeroth – Shared Topic for the week of May 15th, 2011
Shared Topic Idea: Gamer Food

Original Post by Christine (Christine’s Blog is no longer active site, so I decided to repost this under my new site at Amerence Love WoW.)

Hi guys, I don’t know if this topic has been brought up yet, If not I just thought to share that if you are an mmo gamer/world of warcraft player, just curious what you eat while playing the game in real life… I know there are times that we do munch something while playing an online game, So I like you to name Top 5 favorite food you like that suits your taste while gaming, draw like a pyramid or anything you can think of (be artistic in this category, or put pictures of food if you want) and explain why? I am very curious to know what your pyramid will look like and what your first and top item is. also as a pyramid there could be 2 items in 1 pyramid block so thats okay too.

– Amerence

Oh the munchies. Every gamer knows the familiar gnawing feeling from their belly region. You look over at the clock and realize that dinner was hours ago and the room is rather darker than it used to be. You glance around looking for any sustenance available. Are you prepared? (Illidan says no.)

Well, even if you are not prepared, you probably have a stash of goodies somewhere around the house to dip into. And I bet it will include…

1. Main Course – Pizza (or Pizza Rolls)
The heart and soul of gamer food – pizza. It can be ordered online and delivered right to your doorstep. Frozen versions are easily heated in the oven within minutes. Tiny, bite-sized forms are ideal for microwaving (and causing minor burns to the roof of your mouth). Gamers love quick food, and pizza reigns nigh unchallenged.

2. Side Dish – Personality
This is the toughest item for me to quantify. Something not quite meal-sized, not small enough to just be snacks… I turn almost invariably to peanut butter toast for my in-between-meals meal. Your choice might be something different. This spot might be the most personal of gamer foods, as each says something about the individuals’ taste and style.

3. Liquid Power – Soda (or Pop, if you prefer)
It’s late, you are worn out from a hard evening of wiping, and you need something to push you through to glorious victory. As your character quaffs an elixir of dragon blood, you reach for the fridge. Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke, name your flavor.

4. In Between – Chips (Crisps for you Brits)
How many bags of Doritos have been sacrificed to the gaming gods over the past year? Far too many to count. Pringles cans have popped and dropped. Frito crumbs huddle in the bottom of crushed bags. We gamers love our chips, and I am no exception. If a bag is in the house, it won’t last one day of free WoW time.

5. Desert – Bring on the Chocolate
Cookies! Candies! Oh, I can feel the skin irritation coming already. I love me some chocolates if they are hanging around… no I am not a girl! They’re just so tasty. You can’t deny it.

Now, if my girlfriend were to see this list (Hi honey!), she would frown and scold. So, here I will offer up some more healthy alternatives to the normal, self-destructive gamer fare.

1. Pot-Pie Turnovers
Fry up some vegetables you like, add some tasty mean products if you favor a carnivorous diet, and season to preference. Roll the mixture into a oatmeal bread wrap and bake until golden brown. A couple of those by your computer will nourish your appetite and senses.

2. Soup in a Cup
Grab some hearty vegetable, chicken noodle, or barley beef in a personal container if you want something quick, microwavable, and fairly healthy alternative to toast (again).

3. Simply Orange
Juice is so delicious. Do you remember being five and having your parents bring you juice? That was the best moment ever, right? So get some for yourself! Simply Orange, Simply Apple, pick your flavor and relish every lip-smacking sip.

4. Baby Carrots and Peppers
Slice up some red and green bell peppers, add a handful of baby carrots, and you have a healthy snack that tastes pretty darned great too. (If your ears start growing too long and furry, you might be eating too many…)

5. Chocolate Bombs
Okay, they all can’t be super healthy, but mix up some apple sauce, flour, oatmeal, sugar, salt, cocoa powder and bake? Oh my goodness, who needs Oreos.

And now I’ve gotta go start a gamer food blog with my girlfriend…

~ by Aliera on May 17, 2011.

6 Responses to “Gamer Food”

  1. WTB the actual recipe for chocolate bombs. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Please share!

    • I’ll ask my girlfriend (the creator of said concoction) 😀 . We have talked about doing a semi-regular blog about our food adventures (she is vegan and I still love my meats). I will for sure get the chocolate bombs put up here in the near future.

  2. Heya, Yay Pizza = WIN! love pot pie too, thanks for response on shared topic this week, This just making me more hungry ahaha! =D

    • I know! As I indicated, I might just have to start writing about food more regularly. Food is so great!

      Oh, by the way, thanks again for posting up the topic.

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