In my real life I just graduated from college and am on the hunt to find a 9-5. While I look, I am fortunate enough to be able to continue working at the research lab that has occupied my last couple summers. The work is all computer simulation stuff using a particular program that is constantly undergoing upgrading and bug fixing. As a result, our work was getting stuck. You see we were using a bit of an older version of the program because we knew that everything worked on that version and time constraints were such that we couldn’t worry about bringing it forward before finishing off the latest batch of work. Now, with this phase wrapping, I was set to the task of hauling our simulator from 6.0.6 up to 6.1.3. Not a very big jump, right?

Oh my was I wrong. The thing is, I know a fair bit about programming but I am no master. I can clunk my way through something if I get a bit of direction to start, but diving in without much of anything is a problem. And here is where I bring this all around to WoW. Blizzard is an exceptional company that works very very very hard to keep its customers in the know on what is going on with the games they play. In order to do this, they publish beautiful patch notes and keep all of them organized and saved in easy-to-find websites relating to their various products.

The company making our program is not quite so organized. I am sure they have internal patch notes of some form or other, but there wasn’t anything (that I could see) available online or in the program documentation that would tell me what they were doing. So, if I was going to find the issues that were keeping our project from working on the newest version, I was going to have to do it the hard way.

Jump to current times and we have solved the problem… somewhat. 6.0.6 is now history, but 6.1.3 is not our reality yet. Something between 6.1.2 and 6.1.3 is still causing a critical error. If I had patch notes, I might be able to figure out what change is at the root of the problem, but alas. I wish more companies were like Blizzard.

~ by Aliera on May 20, 2011.

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