I was worried a couple days ago. Tuesday brought a big ole patch and I was looking forward to a chunk of new material to keep me hooked into Warcraft. Then I saved Thrall without much trouble, wandered through Hyjal for a while, and finished everything that was available to someone of my non-raiding station. (It should be noted that the hub in Hyjal could use about twice as many and far more potent defenders. There was a way-too-into-himself multiboxer with 7 hunters and a druid linked together ruining everyones’ evening.)

I was a little stunned. I had spent a couple hours and… I was already done with the patch? Well, no, I knew that there would be more things opening up after dailies. But goodness, I was a touch put out with the state of things.

Now, I don’t mean to get after Blizzard too much. They have put in a good deal of work on this patch to add an interesting and engaging (two of my favorite words when writing about WoW) content for raiding and non-raiding alike. Further, 4.1 was pretty much all aimed at us non-raiders, so I have had plenty to chew on over the past few months.

But, the story is not yet over! After another day of dailies, I was free to finally go see the Firelands.

I am officially excited again (at least a little). The funny part is the thing that did it for me. Upon looking out into the Firelands, I was naturally quite impressed with its beauty and construction. Everything is gorgeous. The floating rocks are excellent, the desolation is perfect. But what really did it for me was the frenetic feeling at the front line.

Dozens of warriors from each side are running around like crazy, fighting and dying for every inch. Little clusters of battles dot the landscape immediately next to the base. Since the line is so close to the quest givers and vendors, I never lost the feeling of being in the heat (haha, get it?!) of battle.

Never before in Warcraft have I felt so involved in a real battle. Granted, the battle is actually quite small. It is no problem to breeze past the foes and wander in enemy territory. But still, being able to capture that feeling, no matter how briefly, is a great thing. I have enjoyed World of Warcraft plenty over the past couple years, but I have never felt really menaced by my enemies. Yes, they occasionally roflstomp my rear end. But unless I do something monumentally stupid, I am never in any real danger.

I was not in any danger in the Firelands either, with all the guards and allies ready to back me up. But I felt like I was in the fight for real.

The bad news does come back round though. I know the Firelands will keep me going for a while yet, but with four level 85’s, another nearly there, and a full stable of alts making their way around, I am getting… well… a little worn out. Now, I have been a little burnt out before so this isn’t particularly worrying. The worrying thing is that I am feeling this the very week of a new patch.

For now, I am going to keep on chugging through and see where things take me. Maybe a new and exciting project will come along that will get me playing hard again. If not, a little slow down isn’t the worst thing. I’ll still be in Azeroth and, as (more or less) always, I will be right… here. *hugs*


~ by Aliera on July 2, 2011.

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