WoW Update!

I’m changing my mind this week and changing up the schedule. Blog Azeroth still has not solidified the schedule of topics for the next few weeks (it’s ok, we all get busy!), so today you get a little off-the-cuff Scribe and hopefully a shared topic will be scheduled for later in the week.

Instead, I’m going to just ramble a bit and give a bit of an update on where I am in my game and what has been happening lately. Real life has been a bit rambunctious the past few weeks with holidays (scheduled and impromptu) as well as some hefty work-related things. As a result, my game time has been a bit more limited than I would like, although I have managed to squirrel away time enough to stay on top of my Firelands daily runs.

And, on that topic, let me say that I chose the Shadow Wardens first. Why? Because of the name. Shadow Warden is a much more intimidating moniker than Druid of the Talon (at least for me). Furthermore, they look cool, albeit a touch strange in the face area. Anywho, those dailies are going well, the Firelands are still rockin’ it, and I am getting sucked into the game at least a little bit each day.

On the more serious WoW side, a friend of mine has been murmuring the word ‘raid’ in my ear. He has made some sort of connection with a larger guild that needs a few bodies and has thrown out the possibility of dragging me along. With my strange real-world schedule for the next few months I am not sure whether or not I am going to commit to Tuesday/Saturday raid nights. If you want, you can pipe up with your opinion or encouragement one way or the other in a comment.

Meanwhile, the other evening I hit a fairly notable milestone in my casual play: my fifth character reached 85! Where Aliera, Kieron, Sethra, and Gorynel have gone before, so now has travelled Linict the Rogue. I have been feverishly putting time in with Linict, partially to get him finished up and off my to-do list and partially because I had a distinct lack of Skinning and Leatherworking at max level. The only thing between me and profession victory is my 73 Shaman and Engineering/Blacksmithing.

But setting aside the professions, I have now achieved half of a long-term goal that I set for myself nearly the instant I started playing WoW. One of each class at max level is my ultimate intent sometime down the road. I want to be at least basically conversant in each class so that I can fully understand and participate in the various communities in and around Warcraft. 5/10 after two and a half years is pretty good in my book. Here’s to the next two and a half.

I also have been spending a (not nearly large enough) bit of time with my writing for this very location. As I was looking back last week, I noticed my posts about Insane in the Membrane. I also noticed that it has been a long, long time since I looked at that monstrosity. A year ago, I was frantically at work on the project and had not yet started to write about it or anything else. My goodness how a year can change you. I am definitely going to get my butt back in gear on getting the Insane title though.

Speaking of titles, I did manage to hook my way up to 40 exalted reputations with Aliera, so I am now Aliera the Exalted. (Boy I really am rambling fast today. I was quite the Chatty Cathy this evening after getting home from rehearsal…)

Long story short, I am still around, still kickin’ it, still travelling the wide world of Azeroth. And I had better get this ready to post and go to bed otherwise I will be sleeping through my alarm. Sweet dreams!

~ by Aliera on July 13, 2011.

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